Setting up Mango and Shotgun Integration

This  is a quick and dirty temporary document, to explain how to connect mango and shotgun via the submit to shotgun tool in version viewer... it has not been properly proof read and edited...
this article will be cleaned up in the next few days, in the hopes of making it esier to follow, and execute.

As of November 11th 2013, Mango now has the ability to send mango versions for review o shotgun.
in order for this to work there's a few thing you will have to configure on the studio end.

The first thing that a studio wanting to take advantage of the mango shotgun integration will have to do, is register mango as shotgun script. in order to do this you will need admin permissions on the shotgun side.

To add a script api to shotgun, go to the shotgun scripts page and add a new script and set the name to mangoApi. after creating this new script copy the "Application key" value from the same row.

After adding the mangoApi as a script to the shotgun interface you will need to configure mango, to use this script information to connect to shotgun... open your studio config .yml file and add the following section under settings...

    SCRIPT_NAME:  mangoApi
    SCRIPT_KEY:  af278444fb7b64395c40229fdac96f63e674cfab

be sure to use spaces and not tabs!

make sure to change the "server_path" to point to your studios shotgun url, and change the "script_key" to match the one generated by shotgun after adding the script in the shotgun interface.

one you've set this up, you should be able to start sending mango versions to be review in shotgun via the "submit to shotgun" command found in the "Version Viewers" right click menu...

if you want mango to automatically make and upload a quicktime make sure to check the option "make and upload .quicktime to shotgun", this will make it so that supervisor in the stuido can use the screening room web app to review work from anywhere at anytime....

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