My studio currently has Shotgun why do i need Mango?

Shotgun out of the box is not a complete pipeline. It really only covers project management. it does have some amazing tools for reviewing work, but submitting work to screening-room can be some what painful for artist. Shotgun does offer a pipeline tool kit. which is a starter kit for those wanting to build their own pipeline, unfortunately the pipeline tool kit is just that a kit. So the client is left to figure out all the hard stuff. like how to plug all the different elements into this tool-kit to making a coherent work flow, the client most have a vision for his pipeline to be successful with the tool kit.

mango goes much further, than the pipeline tool-kit in the seance that is an all inclusive pipeline package, it is my vision shaped through years of experience working at studios of all shapes and sizes. It not only has the tools to connect your favorite apps to the asset tracker, but it also has all the workflows worked out for you, so you can start using every tool from day one.

mango also works as a glue to other 3rd party technologies such as deadline rv, and shotgun. and will continue to grow to accommodate almost every stage of studio work. when you become a mango client you're not just getting code. your getting a vision for how an agile scalable studio should work to maximize productivity.

As a mango customer you become part of the mango pipeline vision. You get all the code and source code that makes up mango, as well as training on how to work in the mango pipeline.

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