What is Mango?

Mango it self is more of a vision, than a product. yes when you become a mango customer you will get allot of cool new tools accompanied with training to get you working faster and better. but you also buy into a bigger picture plan of how Visual Effects or Animation studios should work to maximize their productivity. Mango really tries to make everyone form Artist IT and Producers life's easier. By establishing the way in which work can be done efficiently and in a repeatable manner. Our tools automate all the grind work that goes it to keeping everything named and organized cleanly. living people free to just create awesome work. Mango handles all your files, allows artist to quickly share work, find older versions, manage different software configurations for different tasks, and creates a nice clean tractable history of the work that is reviewed along with the notes detailing the history of the work.

mango's main purpose is to bring zen to your production, by showing you how to work more efficiently and then giving you the tools to help you and your crew work the mango way.

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